Boozy Birthday Best Friend Brunch

I will admit that that title made much more sense a few hours ago when I was still inebriated. Now that I’m riding on the gentle, residual buzz of what was an epic breakfast/lunch (aka, brunch), I can see a bit more clearly. Some of what I see makes me question my overall sanity. Most of it, however, affirms that best friends are a true blessing. I would love to have 365 best friends so that I could have BBBFB every day of the year. Though I suppose that would detract from the excitement of the currently rare BBBFB. My liver and my wallet would also probably team up and have some sort of coup, so I’ll stick with the status quo.

My best friend turned twenty one today (woot woot, HBD, M!), so we naturally met up at 11 am, otherwise known as the earliest time one can begin drinking and have it be socially acceptable. She ordered a stack of Belgian waffles; I got something called the “trash omelette.” What this says to me is: She is Leslie Knope incarnate and I am, well, trash. Anyway, it wasn’t about the food. It was about the BOOZE. Kidding. It was about companionship, which is a BFD because, let me tell you, at Yale it can be hard to pin a person down long enough to establish earnest and genuine relationships. PJ, what are you talking about? 

My peers are smart. They are driven. They are successful people who do interesting and impressive things and will continue to do so, on and on, forever and ever until they die. And so am I. This not a “them against me” piece. I want to be in this club, sort of, but I want it on my own terms, which is why I feel compelled to elaborate on my criticisms of the entire student body. I am surrounded by hard-working, intelligent people who never cease to amaze me. Maybe it’s the culture or the caffeine (perhaps the caffeine culture), I’m not sure, but my peers often let their drive push them past the point of being human. They put their work (school, extra-curricular, or otherwise) before their mental sanity and stability. More importantly, they let their ambitions get in the way of letting loose and having fun with me.

But not Maddie. Maddie and I can spend hours bashing the system which makes all of us feel inferior if we don’t get stellar internships or spend our Christmas vacations updating our resumes (updating, ha, try starting). We made a pact freshman year never to turn our sleeping habits into a competition (“I got four hours of sleep.” “Well I got two!” Stop it, just stop it right now.). As roommates, we led one another through the darkest hours of midterms, ensuring that the other exercised, ate, slept, bathed, and hydrated, which is asking way more than you may realize. I’ve heard of people stress puking,  buying Adderall, taking caffeine pills, and duct-taping their eyelids to their foreheads. The most two popular questions people ask their friends after summer break are: “What’d you do this summer?” (normal.) and “So what are your plans next summer?” (not normal). We still talk about what we want to do with our lives, but in a more adventurous and fulfilling way. Maddie and I keep it real, refusing to give into the social pressures that are the only explanation for why my peers’ eyes always look ready to pop out of their faces.

Anyway, I could go on for days about how grateful I am to have a pal like Maddie around. Especially now that she’s 21. Now I can text her “Hey, wine & hockey game?” to which she’ll respond  “Hell yes.” We’ll spend the whole two hours pressing our faces into the glass and objectifying the hot boys on the ice…And we won’t second guess ourselves or say “we should be in the library.” But now, I have to go get ready for our grand evening out. HALF OFF MARGS @ MARIACHI’S! WOOT!

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