PJ Learned to Write


It happened. I graduated. Immediately upon doing so, I laid down in the middle of the street, threw my middle fingers up and screamed AMEN followed by FUCK YES.


photo evidence 

This is my first post since graduating and–spoiler alert–it will be my last as PJ of Twisted Diction. I know, I know. I’m bent out of shape about it, too, but it’s time for me to move onto new projects, challenges. This blog has been a wonderful space to put up my writing, to share my struggles, to talk about all the things, from the serious to the silly, to post my favorite songs, to play, to work. After a month of marinating in the sweet juices of post-grad life, I’ve realized that PJ Bent was a lot of things, but mostly she was a chrysalis. I nuzzled into this alter-ego for the first third of my twenties; it was a safe but challenging place to exist. I’ve changed so much, and while I know I’m nowhere near fully formed, I feel ready to nudge my way out and dance in the light. I know that sounds vague. It is intentionally so.  To everyone who’s like: do you have a job yet? What are you even doing? The answer is: I’m working. I’m building and creating and dreaming every minute of every day, and now that I don’t have the school cloud lingering above me, it’s been a sweeter process. I didn’t get to this point by pulling out a recipe card, gathering the ingredients, and following the steps. I got here by mixing metaphors with risk, by singing out of tune, by waking up every day and doing my best to love myself and the world. So, yeah, I guess I’m gonna keep living and doing and dreaming. And writing. Always writing.

Thanks to everyone who read something on here these past years and told me they liked it or that it helped them in some way. I appreciate all the feedback and hope you follow me in future transformations. Once I have more of an idea of what comes next, I’ll post an update here on Twisted Diction, and on my my twitter page. So please, please follow along!!

with all of the love and gratitude one heart can hold,



One last song. It’s a good one:


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